Protecting Your Sole Proprietor Estate Assets

sole proprietor

You’ve worked long and hard to build your business. You have a great reputation, strong cash flow, a solid asset base, and reliable employees. You operate “lean and mean” as a sole proprietorship. You may be a car mechanic, consultant, plumber, eBayer, building contractor, landscaper, professional or other entrepreneur. Then you die unexpectedly without an […]

The Need for Estate Sale Operator Licensing

estate sale

The headline of the consumer complaint post was brash: “They literally stole our whole house: they sold $42,527 worth of items and gave us a check for $1,682.” The details of this homeowners’ plight were tragic: he had been “ripped off” by an estate sale company. According to the story on (specific company/client has […]

Appraisal vs. Opinion of Value


My friend Jennifer, a Port Shopping Ambassador on a cruise ship, related the following story: a passenger purchased an antique clock from a store in Amsterdam, Holland for around $3,000 USD. The following day, the passenger got a serious case of buyer’s remorse, and sought to return the clock on the basis that the item […]

The Urgency of an Estate Inventory


You’ve no doubt heard the saying “if you want something done ask a busy person to do it”. Busy people seem to get a lot done in a short amount of time because they know how to manage their time and their resources. Smart legators (emphasis on “smart”) choose a busy person to be their […]

Help for Out-of-Town Estate Executors

out of town

Estate executors who live out-of-town (at some distance from the estate) are at a particular disadvantage when it comes to completing their duties. Often, they must you travel for hours at a time to take care of estate business – court appearances, meeting with service providers, etc.) while trying to maintain their own family, work, […]

The Estate Executor’s Burden: Duties and Responsibilities

risk just ahead

A funny thing happened on the way to probate. You were pleased when the friend/spouse/relative chose you as their estate executor. Didn’t that mean they trusted you above all others to wrap up their affairs according to their wishes? Weren’t they exhibiting faith in your trustworthiness? Didn’t they put stock in your financial acumen? You […]

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